Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Is fake tanning for everybody?

When I was younger all of my friends would fake tan and I would feel a little bit left out. I knew that I didn't need my skin to be any darker as it was already a lovely colour, but I wanted to try it out and see if it would do me any favors. So I did, my skin went a shade or two darker; however, at the same time my skin was left glowing and all of my mosquito bite scars were blurred out - I loved this stuff.  

There seems to be an ongoing stigma around that it is looked down upon when someone with a naturally tanned complexion decides to fake tan. I myself am naturally gifted with tanned skin and do use fake tan occasionally. Fake tanning is not only used for darkening the colour of your skin; but comes with many other benefits such as evening skin tone, hiding scars, sculpting your figure, adding a glow to your skin, maintaining a current tan and much more. That is exactly why I believe that fake tanning can be used by absolutely anyone and everyone due to the long list of benefits it has for us. The generation we live in today has been the most accepting of them yet, more and more people are being accepted for who they want to be and do, so surely this is something that should be openly accepted too, right?

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