Monday, 15 May 2017

My Spring Scent - Mon Guerlain

Recently, i've been on a hunt for a new Spring scent and I think i've found it. I got send a sample of the new Mon Guerlain fragrance and I fell in love with it immediately. This fragrance screams Sophistication and Femininity. 

It is a fresh, sweet, long-lasting scent including a mixture of Lavender, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Jasmine. A lot of people shrug off the Lavender scent as an "older lady scent"; However, I can see this scent appealing to a lot of people. Go into a shops and get a sniff of it yourself and you'll see what I mean. I'm not saying everyones going to love it but it is already loved by so many people. 

I would use this as a day-time Fragrance although it is long-lasting it lacks that edge to a scent that you would wear on a night out. To me, the Fragrance is very Light and Sensual which is perfect for the Spring time. In addition to this, I love the Quadrilobe bottle that it comes. For those of you who don't know it was invented in 1908 and is known as one of Guerlain's signature bottles.

That's Mon Verdict, what's yours?

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