Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: A Fresh Start

So 2015 was a year full of a lot of saying and not much doing. I have learned so many lessons from 2015, it had many up and very many downs for me; However, I do have a very good feeling about 2016. I've used the last two weeks to create a vision in my head, some may refer to this as a daydream. 

I have a lot of things I want to achieve in 2016, I almost feel as if it's my year and that my dreams can finally be lived. I will be turning 18 years old, I can actually do the things i've been doing for the past 2 or so years legally. I will have hopefully passed my driving test and hopefully will have saved up enough money to buy myself a car. My relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend will grow even more. I will start to travel to different places abroad, maybe Paris? Maybe even New York? I will have worked hard on developing my Blog and YouTube channel to possibly having some amazing opportunities and to grow as a person. I will have completed my final year in Sixth Form and would have achieved the results I wanted and needed to get into my desired University choice. Tommy and I would have moved out of Kent and into our new home in East Sussex. Moreover, I would have used all the lessons and mistakes that I have learned from in 2015 to make this year filled with positivity and leave the negativity I had in 2015 in the past.
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