Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Prom Dress and Prom Dresses in General

Hey guys! Guess what? My exams are over so I am officially back and will be posting a lot more on here. Hopefully twice a week.  Recently I have posted my Prom GRWM on my YouTube channel. You can click here if you would like to watch it. 

Anyways this post is mainly about my prom dress and prom dresses in general. When going to prom us girls have a hug dilemma about what dress we are going to where mainly because it has to look perfect whether its the: length, the detailing or the fit it all has to be perfect. Either because we want to impress a certain someone or just ourselves. I chose my dress very carefully as I wanted it to be different from all of the other girls. Something no one really wears is a plain dress or a black dress so thats what I went for I kept it very simple and this way I managed to stand out.

So, you're probably wondering where my dress is from and how much it is? Well I can tell you that I got my dress for just £35. What a bargain, right? Yeah thats what I thought and it was from the TopShop website and it is from the Rare London brand. 

My Dress -

The worst thing is turning up to prom in the same dress as someone else. What my year did was create a Facebook page where all of the girls were guests on the page. We all posted pictures of the dresses we wanted and whoever posted their one first no one else was aloud to get it. This way everyone had their own dress apart from two girls who didn't post pictures of their dresses on the page. This proved a valid point that the page was necessary and actually worked. 

This dress was absolutely perfect for me as the long sleeves covered up my eczema. The black material slimmed down my physique. The low backless dress gave my look some elegance and the slit in the side of the dress added to the elegance and simplicity of the look.

Choosing a prom dress is hard and once you have found one you like my best advice is to get it. Obviously if it is within your price range and size. However, don't feel pressured to buy your dress to early as chances are you may find a better one nearer the time.

I hope you guys all have a lovely prom and leave a link to the dress you have or are thinking of getting :)

Simple Synth xo



Milka said...

I love your dress. It's so simple and elegant. Your whole look is perfect!
Girls in my country usually spend a lot of money on prom dresses (a lot are custom designs) and they're all poofy and sparkly - definitely dresses you can never, ever wear again. It's all ridiculous to me.
I didn't go to my prom (wasn't exactly a people person at the time and I had severe self-esteem issues) but if I had gone I definitely would've chosen something like this. No ball gowns for me, thank you.
Also, I like the idea of a group where girls post dresses they're wearing so no one shows up in the same outfit. :)
Milka xx - oohbelle

Call Me Amy said...

That dress is beautiful! So elegant and I love the slits and the back - can't believe it was so cheap!

Amy x

Paulina said...

This is honestly my favorite kind of a dress! You look gorgeous in it, and I love your hairstyle, too! You go girl!


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