Sunday, 24 May 2015

DIY Tutorial: Marble Background For Blog Pictures

Good Morning guys! This week I was feeling very creative and inspired by other bloggers. A lot of you out there have noticed that many bloggers take their pictures with a lot effort put into them. A main theme lately is the marble background. It is absolutely gorgeous, right? But, many of us have not got a clue how bloggers achieve this look. I have managed to create my own marble background for £8 and I want to share it with you guys.

So, I have bought all the products you will need in order to make the blogging background and have had a go at making it. I have a video clip which will show you how to make the background so you can make your blog look more professional. 

Firstly, before following the clip you will need 3 things. Those 3 things are: a plain white canvas which is a suitable size to fit the roll, a marble adhesive roll and some scissors. I will leave the exact products I got below.

Dc Fix Marble Adhesive Roll from Wilko £4 -

I hope this post helped you guys out and thanks for reading!

Simple Synth xo


Fi Paton said...

Thank you for sharing. Here's me thinking everyone just has marble tables and work tops all over their houses.

Fi |

Simple Synth said...

Aww no worries hehe! I'm glad I've helped you out ☺️

Simple synth xo

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