Sunday, 12 April 2015

Spring Makeup Look

Good Evening guys! apologies for the late post today. I was at work for most of the day at my new job in House of Fraser Wallis. I have got a Spring Makeup Look for you guys which you can see over on my Youtube channel if you click here.I am very sorry for the lack of detail in my posts lately I have been really busy and have focused a bit more on my YouTube lately as it was all new and exciting. If you haven't yet then please subscribe to my channel it would mean the world to me. You can click the link above which says 'here' or you could type in Simple Synth into YouTube. 

How was your day?

Simple Synth xo


Charline S said...

Hey! First of all I want to say I love your videos and you are so brave for doing them!
Secondly, there is just something I found out today, I wanted to see if I could resize the videos I put in my blog posts, because I see you do it the same way. On blogger, you click on the video-button and then add one via URL or Youtube. I learned that if you go to your Youtube video, click on the "share" button and then click on "embed", you can copy the HTML code, and then paste it in the HTML of your blog post, so if you want to make your video bigger in the blog post itself, here's how :) Just a quick tip because I always found it annoying that videos looked so small in my blog posts :)

Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

Christy Murray said...

Love this look!
It is definitely simple and easy to do but is perfect for the upcoming season.

Simple Synth said...

Hey Charline!
Was just looking through comments now and I came across yours thank you so much for the help and support it means a lot hehe! I shall do that for my next post thank you very much! :)
️️Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Aww thank you!:)
️️Simple synth xo

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