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Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review..

If you haven't heard already, Maybelline have brought out a new Mascara called The Lash Sensational Mascara. It is now currently in boots and super drug for only £5.99 as an introductory price so go and buy it now because long story short its an amazing mascara and is totally worth the hype. Personally, I am not a fan of the Maybelline Mascaras but this one has certainly changed my mind. I find that the other ones such as Colossal make my lashes look clumpy and as I have said before in my other posts I am not a fan of that look. However, This Mascara is nothing like Colossal and the rest Maybelline have really upped their game with this new release.

The Mascara..

This is the Mascaras packaging. Beautiful isn't it? I love the light pink/silvery colour and basically just the simplicity of the design. This Mascara is certainly one worth having on display on you dressing table.

The Brush..

The brush of the Mascara has a slight curve which makes the lashes curl upwards without an eyelash curler. The design is very similar and comparable to the new Benefit's Roller Lash. The brush is also plastic which is something I prefer to the Maybelline Falsies Mascara. 

The Mascara On..

As you can see by using one coat the Mascara has given my lashes length and separated them well. By adding two coats the Mascara has added a bit of volume but has not make my lashes clump together which is great!

Comment if you think you will be getting this Mascara..
Thank you for reading guys!

Simple Synth xo



Afrodite said...

I bought this mascara recently and at first i thought that it will not be something special but i really like's really good ^_^


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Nicole Baxter said...

I love the packaging, I've read some really great things about this mascara. I've never actually tried a maybelline mascara.
Coleoftheball xx

Petite Silke said...

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award
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Corinne said...

This looks amazing. I love Maybelline mascaras, I tend to always get good results with them, hopefully after using this you're mind has been changed!

Corinne x

Simple Synth said...

I apologise for the late response afrodite! But yeah I thought the same at first I'm amazed with how good it is! I use it almost everyday! Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Yes definitely I certainly love this maybelline mascara! Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Thank you so much for the nomination I shall get round to doing it soon I really appreciate it! Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

It's beautiful isn't it! Honestly this mascara should definitely be one of the first you buy if ever try a maybelline mascara you won't be disappointed! Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Thank you so much for the positive feedback it really means a lot to me!:) and yes certainly I'll check out your blog! Apologies for the late response! Simple synth xo

Natalie said...

I bought this mascara earlier today and I just can't wait to actually use it! Hope it lives up to my expectations, especially because I just love the other Maybelline mascaras.

Simple Synth said...

Hey Natalie sorry for the late reply! I hope the mascara didn't disappont you! :)
Simple synth xo

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