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How To Get A Job

How To Get A Job..

Do you want a job? Have you been rejected by several companies? Getting a job nowadays is definitely not easy. It is in fact very hard no matter how hard you do try. Everyone wants extra money at hand whether it is to save for the future, to do the sings you enjoy doing or for buying different products like me to blog about. However, you will find that the three things I mentioned above are basically impossible without money. Of course you don't need money to be happy as there are plenty of things in life you can do or get for free which will make you a lot happier than what money would buy. But, lets be real here you're going to need money if you want to save up for instance and thats why I have done a blog post for you guys on how to get a job. The points I make in this blog post will not officially get you a job; but, they will certainly help you on your journey for getting a job.

Be Patient and Don't Give Up..

It is most likely that you will hand out several cvs and go to several interviews just to find out that you 'haven't been successful this time' or that 'someone has more work experience'. Are you fed up with it? Yeah, so I am I. But, this is only life and you can only be patient. As my granddad has always said to me 'be patient and you will get what you want one day'. As daunting and as long as that sounds he was always right. I am not someone who gets something whenever they want, I wait for it and I will eventually get it and am so grateful. So pick yourself up after any rejection from companies and carry on trying. It may take time; although, in the end you will be successful if you wait. Also, do not give up this is one of the worst things you could ever decide to do as you will never know unless you keep trying.

There Is Always Room For Improvement (Improving Your CV)..

One thing you might be thinking is why is nobody offering me an interview. The simple answer is your CV is not good enough to be considered for the job. I noticed this when I first started handing out CV's. I did a lack of research and was too excited to hand them out that I didn't bother proof reading it. Therefore one day I spent reading through my cv and then it became very clear why I did not get any offers. My friends who had jobs kindly e-mailed me their CV's so that I could see how it should be done. The most important thing is to not copy others CV's as it is very wrong and it is just not you. What if you actually get questioned on your CV during the interview and cannot answer the question, exactly. Also do research there are plenty of sites that will help you on creating a successful CV. My quick tips would be to keep it short, simple and down to earth. In your profile try to put in your personality and your skills, businesses like this the most as they start to see what type of person you are. A great blog post by Career Girl Daily that I read recently will help you further with making a great CVIf you are 16 aim to get your first job as a christmas temp as this will allow you to see what working is like and help you with experience so that when you apply for a job in the future you are open to more places as you have previous experience. Many businesses will refuse teenagers because they have had no experience. So how are we supposed to get experience then you're all thinking. My quick solution would be aiming for a Christmas Temporary job as they are easier to get and there are plenty for various jobs.

Keep Up To Date..

Always check businesses websites and go on their careers page at least once or twice a week to keep up to date on where and who is hiring at the moment. Also another good thing to do is to set up job alerts. So, if you find that there is no current available positions for a certain company then subscribe to their job alerts so that whenever there is any you will be informed by your e-mail straight away. However, please note that not all sites have this option so do bare this in mind. Also check job websites a popular one that I use is called You can basically put in your location and then any other keywords and it will list all types of jobs that are within your area - it is great! Don't forget to keep up to date with the latest jobs as you could be let down when you find out that someone recently got a job at a place but you was unaware of this. So, keep up to date to save yourself from you're own misery. However, it is still not the end of the world just keep trying like I said earlier.

I hope this post helped a lot of you guys out. These are just the points that have helped me get through with finding a job and I hope that my experiences can help you guys out too. Please leave a comment if you have any other questions you would like to ask me!

Thank you very much for reading guys!


Simple Synth xo



Vivi said...

Great tips, also did you find that you got more response by dropping off your resumes in stores or applying online?

Right now I apply online, and as you said it is extremely difficult to find a job these days..

Vivi Lien

Simple Synth said...

Hiya vivi!
Yes I get a lot more responses by going into the actual stores as they can see how you are presented. The bad thing is that with many businesses they now only have the option to apply online. But always give it a go going to the actual store and even if places do not have any jobs going most of them would happily keep your cv until there is a job that pops up in the future. Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope I've helped out. Just keep trying!:)
Simple synth xo

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