Thursday, 15 January 2015

What Chelsea Boot Should You Get?

What Chelsea Boot Should You Get?..

Top - OFFICE heeled Chelsea Boots £60
Bottom - TOPSHOP flat Chelsea Boots £45

Chelsea boots are an absolute essential in the 21st century nowadays. Their plan an simple style makes the boots easily wearable with absolutely anything. When I say anything I don't mean literally because they don't suit jogging bottoms haha! However a lot  of you out there who have a common sense will automatically know that boots do not suit jogging bottoms. Anyway, the boots were firstly introduced into the equestrian world and were more commonly referred to as paddock boots for horse riding. At first this had put many people off buying them, although many were able to see past their reputation for horse riding and saw how great they are for fashion wear.

Both boots in the picture above are very commonly worn with my outfits. My outfits vary depending on where I am going for example I may wear jeans with my flat boots and a dress with my heeled boots. Chelsea boots have just got that sense of casual style which still can make you look very chic at the end of the day. However, I wanted to recommend you guys into what boot you should get if you cannot afford both as they are both individually expensive. My Topshop boots are more than a year old and have lasted me a very long time whereas I have only just purchased my Office ones 2 weeks ago. Personally I would go for the flat Chelsea boots if you are the kind of person who likes to get around easily and who would like to wear the boots a lot. These are also the cheaper option and are definitely worth the price just from how long they have lasted me. However if you are willing to spend that little bit extra, who would only want the boots to casual down an outfit and can withstand the pain in walking in heels then the heeled Chelsea boots are best for you! By all means buy both if you can because they are really worth it and add that extra bit of choice to your outfits.

A Downside?..

As you can see in the picture the elastic of the boot has loosened and therefore ruined the stitching or something. This happens quite suddenly and can be a pain to get used to if you like keeping everything in perfect condition; However, this was the only downside to the Chelsea Boots overall.

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Katie D said...

Hi! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Please check out the post below and let me know in the comments if you've had a go, I'd love to read your answers!


The Look List said...


It's Anna here from The Look List. I just wanted to let you know I have nominated your blog for The Leibster Award! It's for blog's with less than 200 followers and a great way for bloggers to interact with each other, discover new blogs and reward them with the Leibster Award.

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Cynthia Royer said...

Thank you very much for the nomination I really appreciate it :')
Simple Synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Thank you very much for the nomination I really appreciate it :')
Simple Synth xo

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