Saturday, 24 January 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award..

I am so grateful to be nominated for the very inspiring blogger award. Dress Dynamic kindly nominated me. Please check out her blog her outfit posts are so cool!


Thank the person that nominated you

List the award rules

State 7 things about yourself that others do not know

Nominate 15 other blogs

Tell your nominees and link them to your post

Display the award Logo on your side bar, about page or awards page

Seven things about myself:

I am from London.

I don't like nuts unless there is chocolate around them.

I used to weigh 10.5 stone when I was 12 because I used to drink fizzy drinks everyday and have 3 McDonalds a week. I weigh a lot less now at the age of 16.

I wish I lived in America.

I have always wanted my own website where I could post anything I wanted I just never knew how to make one.

I cannot go a day without being on my phone, the internet or social media.

I have never had my nails done (Acrylic or Shellac)


Have fun everyone. Make sure you comment on this post when you have done your nomination so that I can get to know you all more by checking out your blog post.

Thanks for reading,

Simple Synth xo



Evie Cook said...

I've done my nomination and thanks again for nominating me:)
Love Evie xox

Stephanie Casey said...

Thank you so much for participating! Keep up the wonderful work! You could make a bucket list blog post, and then post how you are progressing towards all of the wonderful things you desire from your list, such as learning how to create all of the cool things you want on your site. I want to learn also!

KiwiCat said...

Thank you for the nomination. It was very kind of you. You can see my post here: Very Inspiring Blogger Award | KiwiCat

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! Here is a link to the post if you are interested :)

Sally x

Cynthia Royer said...

No worries sweetie and I will check out your page!:) sorry for the late response
Simple synth xox

Cynthia Royer said...

Aww bless no worries hehe and yes I will definitely check it out!
Simple Synth xox

Cynthia Royer said...

No worries sweetie and yes I will check it out!:)
Simple Synth xox

Cynthia Royer said...

It's my pleasure and thank you very much for nominating me it was very kind of you!:) and yes that sounds really good I will think about doing that soon! Thank you for the idea!:)
Love simple synth xox

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