Thursday, 22 January 2015

Olivia Burton Watch

Olivia Burton Watch.. 

After recently joining sixth form I thought it was time I owned a decent looking watch. Something fashionable, something that would suit most of my wardrobe and something that would make me look that little bit more mature.

Michael Kors is a bit last year and out of my budget and many other peoples. I wanted to be a bit different from everyone else and get something which no one else had. Then, just at the right time I came across the Olivia Burton watch was decently priced at £75 for the big dial or £65 in the midi dial. The watch is available to buy on various sites including John Lewis, Goldsmiths, ASOS and Topshop. I went for the big dial and purchased the watch off of Topshop as there was a 20% student discount at the time which made the total price £60 - I was extremely delighted.

Here is an Image of the watch. It has a pale mink leather strap, a rose gold big dial with roman numerals and has three hand Japanese Quartz movement.

There is one negative thing about this watch and although the leather strap looks good as a fashion statement I have found that the leather can crease and wear away quite easily due putting the watch on and off. Although the watch is water resistant I don't intend to take it into the shower with me because i'm not that much of a risk taker and knowing my luck it will just break. In that case I have to take off the watch regularly. But, the crease and the wearing away of the leather doesn't affect me that much as I do not need to look at that side of the watch to tell the time. Here is an image below which will show you what has happened to my watch so far.

Other than this negativity overall the watch is great. It is a stylish designer watch, it tells me the time (duh) and it makes me look that little bit more mature. I totally would recommend it to anyone.

The watch comes in a range of different coloured straps such as black, brown, mink etc and a range of different faces including floral prints, rose gold or a hummingbird. Look for yourself to find the one that suits you. I have had many many compliments about the watch and people asking me where the watch is from; So, in case you guys reading this are also interested then please click on these links below which will take you to the website for this watch.

Tell me what you guys think about the watch and if you're interested in getting one. If you have any other questions about the blog please leave a comment or if you already have the watch tell me about your experiences.

Thank you guys for reading!

Simple Synth xo


thebeautystudent said...

I have an Olivia Burton watch too and I couldn't agree more about the leather strap creasing!

Afrodite said...

The watch looks so's very pretty ^_^


Stephanie Casey said...

Adorable blog! Check out the link where I have mentioned your blog as nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Cynthia Royer said...

They're so perfect and yeah I know it's a shame ahhh :(
Simple Synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

I know right it's gorgeous ahhh!😍
Simple Synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Aww bless thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I will check it out!:')
Simple Synth xo

navellina said...

It's really gorgeous :)

Katie D said...

Love it! I got an Olivia Burton watch early last year, in the turquoise sort of shade. I love it, but it got grubby really quickly, despite me being really careful with it! You must be doing something impressive as yours is cream! They are gorgeous though aren't they.

I've tagged you in the beauty scenario tag..

If you do it, please let me know so I can check out your answers!


Laura Ferris said...

That watch is gorgeous! Xx

Cynthia Royer said...

I know right! Ahhh:')
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Yes they are I agree! Hehe. I've managed to keep mine clean because I just take it off as soon as I get in!:) and yeah I'll give it a go hopefully later on this week:') thank you for the tag!
Love simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

It is isn't it ahh:')
Simple synth xo

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