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Kylie Jenner Makeup Look

Kylie Jenner Makeup Look..

The Kylie Jenner makeup trend had brung back the whole 90's dark brown/pink lip look. Everyone has gone crazy over the whole look and especially the lips. Velvet teddy, Brave, Soar etc are all still sold out over the Mac counter everywhere you go because everyone wants Kylie's exact lip colour. I went around the lip thing my own way by finding a lip liner which suited me and was near Kylie's and I want to share the look with you. 


Benefit's Porefessional Primer all over my face to start off with.
Estée Lauder Double wear foundation in Tawny all over the face.
Estée Lauder Double wear foundation in Cashew to contour.
Collection Lasting Perfection in Warm Medium under the eyes to cover up my dark circles and any other imperfections that the foundation didn't cover.
Bourjois bronzer to contour
Mac mineralise soft and gentle to highlight the tops of my cheeks, down the middle of my nose, cupids brow and forehead.


MUA eyebrow pencil in brunette. Firstly I used the brush to comb through my brown then I lined them out on the top and the bottom.
Beauty UK high brow palette in the medium dark shade to fill in my brows. 


All the eyeshadow colours I used were from the naked 3 palette. I used strange all over my lid. Then I used limit and nooner in my crease. Lastly, I used dark side in the corners of my eyes and winged it our slightly. 
Then I used l'Oreals super liner and I winged the liner out slightly following the shadow.
I also used Rimmel's kohl black liner on my upper and lower water line.
Lastly I used Benefit's they're real mascara as this gave my lashes the most length and gave them the most false lash effect.  


I lined and filled my lips with kiko's 504 liner. Then just in the middle of my lip I used the baby lips by Maybelline in peach to give my lips a little shine. 

I'm sorry for not having a video for the look. I know that this is usually a lot easier to follow. I am thinking about starting a YouTube channel but I am still unsure. Please, tell me what you guys think about this look and whether you think I should do YouTube channel in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading guys!

Simple Synth xo



Nicoll N said...

Amazing makup. :) You´re so beautiful! <3

Katie D said...

Looks so lovely! The Kylie Jenner lip really suits you! I don't think it looks right on me with my fair hair!

IsabellaHope said...

I love this look! And you're so pretty x

Anna | pretty pretentious

Vivi said...


x, Vivi Lien

Afrodite said...

Very beautiful suits you so much ^_^


So Candi said...

Hi! love your posts! I nominated you for the Liebster award tag on my blog! I'd love it if you could head over and answer the questions I asked you

thanks! xx

Kie I. said...

This is really well done of you - looks so pretty and suits you! :)

Chelsea Roderick said...

Gorgeous makeup! Have you got any tips or videos on how you contour? I'm really after some help as I can't seem to do it myself! xx

Cynthia Royer said...

Aww Thankyou!:)
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Thankyou so much! :') you are very lucky to have fair hair and skin as you can pull off light pinks and pink nudes :(
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Aww thank you:')
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Aww bless Thankyou so much!:') I've previously done the Liebster award but I will check out your blog and see your answers! Thank you for the nomination:')
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Thank you so much! :)
Simple synth xo

Cynthia Royer said...

Hey Chelsea!
I'm afraid I haven't got any videos yet as I'm hoping to start a YouTube channel soon when I get my new camera :) but a few tips that I can tell you now is to suck your cheeks in and see where the hollows of your cheeks are then brush the bronzer or darker foundation to your skin tone on following the hollows and then blend out. It sounds really hard and scary but with practice you'll be able to master it! Sorry I couldn't be much help :(
Simple synth xo

Courtnie Ashman said...

Your'e Gorgeous!!!
And your make up is still really natural
2 thumbs up



Louise Francesca said...

this makeup is lovely, you're so pretty! definitely going to recreate it. would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


Shelby said...

This look is so pretty and you pull it off so well!

I've nominated you to complete the 'Beauty Scenario' tag over on my blog here: Let me know if you complete it I'd love to read some of your answers!

Shelby-Leigh ♥

Simple Synth said...

Aww thank you!!:)
Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Thankyou hehe!! And yes I'll be sure to check it out!!
Simple synth xo

Simple Synth said...

Thank you so much!! And that you for the nomination yes I should get round to doing it soon hehe I'll let you know when it's up :)
Simple synth xo

Amelia Mily said...

Cute Blog love the post :) x

Amelia Mily said...

Cute Blog love the post :)x

Simple Synth said...

Thankyou!:) x

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