Thursday, 23 October 2014

Russell & Bromley Loafers

Black Patent Russell & Bromley Loafers..

About 5 months ago I purchased these lovely pair of loafers from Russell & Bromley. I know that these shoes are very pricey; But, I fell in love with them and I needed a pair of formal shoes that I could wear to school. Luckily for me as my feet are quite small at a Size 4 I was able to purchase these at the price of £79 from the kids section.Those of you are probably thinking "wow that's a lot!". However, in comparison to the adults section these are £100 cheaper and pretty much the same although there is no logo at the side of the shoe. If you're that bothered about having the logo at the side of your shoe then be my guest and pay that £100 extra but to me it makes no difference.

My Experience with the shoes...

Recently, I have experienced some trouble with these shoes as the sole of the heel had recently fallen off. I was quite disappointed after spending this much money on the shoe. Thankfully, I was able to get both of the soles on the heel repaired and replaced for £9 which was worth it considering the amount I had spent on them. Other than this incident the shoes are lovely. Although, I would only recommend them to those who work in an office and drive as they are definitely not the shoes to do your everyday walking around in purely because they are uncomfortable at first and take a while to break in and also I have found out the sole can come off quite easily which is definitely something you need to take into consideration when purchasing these shoes. These shoes can go with almost anything which includes formal wear or jeans; But, obviously not tracksuit bottoms ;) haha!

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